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Processing of olives, a traditional Art and a Science

From the launching of our company to this day, our olives are collected and processed in the most natural way. We are personally committed to all processing stages and protect the quality of our products, focusing on our consumer needs.

In our own family olive groves, the olive trees are cultivated and monitored by agriculturalists all year around. The olives are grown with a high respect on environmental quality, by the use of mild agricultural and sustainable farming methods.

Harvesting period is selected when the olives reach their optimum maturation stage, which is dependent from the olive variety. In harvesting, all olives are collected manually, one-by-one. Traditional manual harvesting has multiple benefits in the quality of the final products, such as better color, flavor and keeping the high nutritional profile of fresh fruits.

The olives arrive in the factory not later than 24 hours after picking, to ensure that the quality and all valuable nutrients remain intact.

In the processing factory, the fruits are sorted, visually inspected and carefully placed in the fermentation tanks. The olive fermentation is closely monitored by qualified personnel.

After fermentation, olives are sorted again, according to specifications. Olives are then pitted or stuffed, visually and metal inspected and packaged to their final product form. Modern equipment is used in all processing lines, with automation lines that keep fast productional rates.

Every production is performed according to the customized client specifications, whereas the products undergo strict quality controls at all stages. Packaged products are shipped worldwide, with convenient and flexible logistic and transport conditions.