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We grow our own olives sustainably

Our olive grove, of 25,000 century old olive trees, lies along the seaside slopes of ancient Sithonia at the Chalkidiki Peninsula in Northern Greece.
We are proud for growing our olives sustainably by combining traditional harvesting methods and the good practice of a detailed integrated crop management system.
Such a farming system enables us to deliver superb olive fruits with respect to the environment.

Our Sustainability criteria focus on:

Reliable production

derives through a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology. All our olives are traditionally handpicked .Utilization of specialized machinery ensures that olives are loaded and transferred to our processing facilities within 24 hours, preserving freshness.

Traceability control methods

Traceability recording initially starts from the detailed report filled after collecting the olives from each tree. All trees are marked and workers involved in the harvest report the quantities collected from each tree under a detailed logistics system that follows the whole process to the final processing facilities.

Minimal environmental input

as a result of consciousness in soil management and prudent application of plant protection (use of pesticides and agrochemicals), fertilization and irrigation.

Support earnings to local populations

by utilizing local labour and collaborating with a network of neighbouring small farms sharing the same management system.

Reliable management of resources

and effective control of the food chain from harvest to the shelve results in a high quality affordable product.

Quality and safety

monitored by a highly qualified scientific team of agriculturists, food technologists and chemical engineers with the support of a fully equipped lab ensuring the perfect outcome under stringent quality requirements

Personal commitment

and involvement from the early olive collection stages to the monitoring of fermentation process and the packing of the final product

We hold Agro2-1 and Agro 2-2 certificates for good practise of sustainable agriculture – integrated crop management.
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Sales are handled by our affiliated company Ι.&G.HIGAS – S.GEORGIADIS S.N.C  “Carpos”.
Our products, adapted to serve different market conditions and stringent quality requirements are exported to US, Canada, Europe and Australia.
Our customers include major supermarket chains as well as major food importers.
We export own and private labeled brands to more than 30 countries world wide.