Hello, we grow our

own olives


Located near the seaside of Aegean Sea, our olives are grown with organic and sustainable farming methods.


We are passionate about producing excellent quality olives while having the utmost respect for nature. Our commitment is certified by the highest quality standards worldwide.

We cultivate our trees near Aegean Sea, where olives are grown in the most natural way.

In our modern facilities, we ferment and process our olives with the highest quality standards.

Olives are grown and carefully hand picked, in their best maturation stage.

By using the most novel and flexible packaging, we distribute our products to the best markets worldwide!

Exports worldwide
to over 30 countries

From USA through Australia, we have a great experience to serve our customers globally!

Ability to control the product from the crop
until the final processing and packaging.

With our passion for perfection from the beginning till the end, our products burst with beauty, flavor and aroma!

Great flexibility
in Product customization

We cultivate with
agricultural practice
& organic
farming methods.

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